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Plat Plotter converts deed "metes-and-bounds" into a Plat of Survey that can be viewed in Google Maps, imported into a mapping program like Google Earth, used as waypoints in a drone mission controller, loaded into a GPS device, sent to a printing service or shared with others.

Distance Units:
First time? try Quick Start. Additional information is at the Plat Plotter blog: User Guide, Input Template, Frequently Asked Qustions

1. To begin, paste survey data into the data entry area. Data needs to follow the following format:

N,S Degrees Minutes Seconds E,W Distance
N or S 0-90 0-59 0-59 E or W <number>

2. On the map below, drag the flag icon [F] to the start point

3. Press "Enter Survey." move the flag and recalculate as needed.

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